Our thanks

Nuestro agradecimiento

Thank you all for being part of this 7th edition of the International Agatha Christie Festival. Our thanks to all the entities: sponsors, collaborators, volunteers and attendees. Without you Agatha Christie would not be part of this great event. See you in...
La Paz book release

Lanzamiento del libro de La Paz

Ya tenemos los libros preparados para la suelta de libros de mañana en la zona de La Paz...? Algunas fotos de la liberación de libros esta mañana en la zona de La Paz. ¡Gracias por tu ayuda!
Open Day

Día Abierto

Today, Sunday, we open the doors of another charming place, one of the many that our city has to offer. How long has it been since you’ve seen the Botanical Garden? Free entrance ??? Open day until 6 pm. To miss it would be a crime!!!. And we finish this edition...
Thematic Brunch

Brunch temático

Una buena manera de empezar el domingo, aún estás a tiempo de participar en el fantástico Brunch temático del Hotel Tigaiga. Os dejamos algunas fotos de un intenso sábado festivo en el photocall que ha preparado el Hotel Tigaiga.
Colour and Literature

Literatura y color

In this 7th edition we wanted to give a very special thanks to the writer John Curran for his collaboration, contribution, help and participation in this Festival. We created a plot in the purest #AgathaChristie style so that “coincidentally” he would...