Exposición “Los cuadernos secretos de Agatha Christie”

Exposición “Los cuadernos secretos de Agatha Christie”

Una fascinante exploración del contenido de los cuadernos de notas de Agatha Christie recientemente descubiertos, que incluyen ilustraciones, extractos eliminados y dos relatos inéditos de Poirot.Tras la muerte de la hija de Agatha, Rosalind, a finales de 2004, se...
Festival locations

Lugares del festival

This year in the 7th edition of the Agatha Christie Festival we have a great variety of locations all over Puerto de la Cruz. Many of them are well known, and others will surprise you.. Some of the locations of the Festival…to miss it would be a crime !!!!...
The charms of the Botanic Garden

Los encantos del Jardín Botánico

The Botanic Garden was one of the places visited by Agatha Christie during her stay in Puerto de la Cruz.For this reason, there will be an open day so that you too can enjoy the charms of this park… Don’t miss out on a walk through unique places.
Among orchids

Entre orquídeas

Agatha Christie wrote two short stories in the Canary Islands. Amidst the orchids and the pleasant sunshine, Christie found great inspiration in the garden of Sitio Litre. Here she wrote part of “The Man from the Sea”, the sixth chapter of the book The...