His name is Francisco de Paula Fernández González, although he writes under the pseudonym Blue Jeans.

He was born in Seville. At the age of 18 he decided to embark on the adventure of changing careers and cities, so he moved to Madrid and started studying Journalism at the Universidad Europea. He graduated and did a master’s degree in sports journalism. He has collaborated with some media, especially sports media, but he didn’t find his place there.

Now he devotes herself to writing novels and spending hours and hours on social networks answering readers’ questions.

Blue Jeans has a total of 11 novels published:

  • “Songs for Paula” series, the author’s first and successful trilogy consisting of “Songs for Paula”, “Do you know I love you?” and “Shut me up with a kiss”.
  • “El Club de los Incomprendidos” series, made up of four novels: “¡Buenos días, princesa!”, “No sonrías que me enamoro”, “¿Puedo soñar contigo?”, “Tengo un secreto: el diario de Meri”, “No sonrías que me enamoro”, “¿Puedo soñar contigo?” and “Tengo un secreto: el diario de Meri”.
  • “Algo Tan Sencillo” series, a trilogy formed by “Algo tan sencillo como tuitear un te quiero”, “Algo tan sencillo como darte un beso” and “Algo tan sencillo como estar contigo”.
  • Trilogy “La Chica Invisible” formed by “La Chica Invisible”, “El Puzle de Cristal”, “La promesa de Julia”.
  • Its latest book is “El Campamento” about ten youths, a camp and a death in strange circumstances.


Writer, journalist and university lecturer. PhD in Information Sciences from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and postgraduate degree in Social Media Management from Columbia University in University of New York.

She is a lecturer at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos de Madrid for the Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and for the Master’s Degree in Journalism. Journalism and for the Master’s Degree in Cultural Journalism and is the academic director of the Master’s Degree in Communication and Gastronomic Journalism at The Foodie Studies.

She is the author of the gastronomic crime novels Matar al padre and El Chef ha muerto, as well as the short story book book of short stories Noches sin sexo and the novel No hay trabajo bueno. She is also the author of the essay Historia de la información agraria. Desde el siglo XVIII hasta la Agenda 2000 , among others.

She collaborates as a food journalist with BonViveur and as a researcher with Ferran Adrià’s elBulli Foundation of Ferran Adrià and with the UNESCO Chair in Communication Research as an expert in gastronomic and intercultural communication.

In 2021 she received the “Álvaro Cunqueiro” National Award for Gastronomic Journalism.


Miguel Aguerralde Movellán, resident in Lanzarote, is a primary school teacher and Spanish writer of novels and short stories, usually framed within the crime or noir genre, although his best-known works are part of the so-called thriller of suspense and horror. He has also worked on romantic novels and even children’s and young people’s literature. The author of more than twenty novels, he stands out as one of the leading figures on the current scene of genre literature in our country.

Within the suspense or thriller genre, he has published:

  • “Claro de Luna” 2009 and “Noctámbulo” 2010, by Idea publisher.
  • “Los Ojos de Dios” 2010 by 23 Escalones publisher.
  • “Última parada: la casa de muñecas” 2012 by 23 Escalones publisher.
  • The first two novels of his referential character Matt el Rojo, “Alicia” 2016 (Cazador publisher). It was the winner of the 2017 Ultratumba Prize for best novel.
  • “Despiértame para verte morir” 2018 (Cazador publisher).

On 1 April 2021 Miguel Aguerralde presented “Última Parada” to the public. The publishing house Cazador reissues the original 2012 novel, “Última parada: la casa de muñecas”, and accompanies it with the short novel “No podrás salir”, and two unpublished stories, “Club Poe” and “El lamento de los vivos”, in which Red Matt is also the protagonist.




He is a lecturer in Language and Literature Didactics at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and a writer. In his teaching facet, his lines of research revolve around the teaching of written language and literature for young people.

As for his literary perspective, Correa’s most significant contribution to the Spanish literary scene has to do with the creation of a character who is already part of the imaginary of the modern crime novel: Ricardo Blanco.


He holds a degree in Law and a PhD in History from the University of La Laguna. Since 2000, he has published five books on history on his own, another two as author, and some thirty historical research articles in various scientific journals on political and social aspects of the Canary Islands after the conquest.

              TONI HILL

He is an author of crime and thriller novels and Spanish translator, Toni Hill studied Psychology, although he has devoted himself mainly to translation, being responsible for texts by Jonathan Safran Foer, Peter May and A. L. Kennedy, among others.

In 2011 he published his first book, “El verano de los juguetes muertos”, which has been followed by “Los buenos suicidas” and “Los amantes de Hiroshima”, completing a trilogy of great international success, as his work has been published in more than 20 countries.


Alexis Ravelo is a writer from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. He has published books of short stories and novels in the mystery and intrigue genre.

He also has written librettos for some theatrical shows, lyrics for songs, television scripts, articles and reviews, as well as regularly giving literary workshops, aimed at both teenagers and beginner readers.


Doctor in Architecture, graduate in Law, Master in Management of Cultural Tourism Destinations.

She has held various positions in the Public Administration for sixteen years until joining the European University of the Canary Islands.

Her area of study is the meeting places between Law, Architecture and Culture. In his spare time he writes crime novels. He works as CEO in one of the best architecture firms in the Canary Islands.